What the Children Say  
Bill Davie's violin students have benefitted from the theory books Theory for Young Violinists as and when the books were written.
Their comments are a glowing testimony to the books' success.

What I love most about the Violinist Theory books, are the stories that are told. They help me remember so much easier, what I have been learning on the way. The drawings are fun and i can't wait to see the next ones. As I go on from book to book it is never too hard and never too easy. I love my theory books.
Amy - 10 years

I like this book because it is easy to learn and study. I learn a lot of things from this book. I like it very much. I hated Theory, but I like Theory now because of Bill's books. I understand it easily. It is different from others. I felt that Bill loves children so much. This Theory book is fun.
Esther - 9 years

I think Bill Davie's theory is very fun because he has put cool pictures in it, There are also great games that are very fun. I like the apple pickers. I think they look very fancy. He is a very good drawer. I think nothing could be done to make it better because it is brilliant the way it is.
Kahlia - 10 years

I like the theory because they really help me to learn all the notes properly and sometimes it can be quite fun. It goes up in small steps to become a great violinist. It's a great way to learn.
Harley - 11 years

The books are very easy to learn and easy to understand. The pictures and story make it very enjoyable and fun to learn.
Joshua - 12 years

I like the theory because you get to play lots of fun games. I think the characters are really cool. And it's written in a way children can understand.
Madison - 10 years

I find your theory books easier than any other theory books. They are very easy to understand. You taught me how to draw all the rests, the notes, the treble clef and the stave. Please carry on making theory books because they are better than any other.
Bella - 10 years

I like your theory books because they tell you different notes and their names. Sometimes I find some parts that are difficult and that I don't understand. I like the way that you write storys to help me understand it all.
Tamsyn - 7 years

I like the theory because it is funny and very good to read.      
Sarah - 10 years

Before I used to find learning theory boring, but these new Picolo Publishing theory books make it fun and easy!
Imogen - 13 years

The theory for me is ok because it's got the great characters. For me I'm someone who needs to write SAs or reports. It helps me think. Otherwise it's pretty good. I love violin and the theory. It helps me learn. It's fun.
Kaminihi - 11 years

I like the story in the theory books. It teaches you new notes and music words. I like Spot the dog best.
Ewan - 7 years

I found the books easy to learn off and the tests at the end of each chapter were good. But I found it all a bit easy though, probably for younger learners.
Kyra - 14 years

I think the theory is fantastic because it is simple and easy to read. I very much like the picture on the theory book. So right now I'm loving theory!
Karen - 10 years

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