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What I love most about the Violinist Theory books, are the stories that are told. They help me remember so much easier, what I have been learning on the way. The drawings are fun and i can't wait to see the next ones. As I go on from book to book it is never too hard and never too easy. I love my theory books.
Amy - 10 years

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This theory system grants
three of the most important wishes
of every string teacher...

  1. A system of theory teaching which has at its core, the violin and other single line instruments with no mention of the piano.

  2. A system of theory teaching which requires minimal teacher involvement. Probably no more than five minutes spent marking homework and discussing the answers

  3. A series of theory books with fanciful stories the students love to read, with games they love to play
    and informative posters they love to put on their walls.
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Bill Davie's Theory for Young Violinists is a wonderful resource for teaching theory to young violinists in a relevant and, most importantly, fun way! It is extremely useful to have a tool that teaches theory from the perspective of playing the violin. The stories and games that are used are both meaningful and entertaining and they often involve the playing of the violin within the lessons. Visually, the books are colourful and friendly, and the lessons are constructed logically and for maximum ease of learning. There are many opportunities built into the books for acknowledgment of what has been learnt, along with consistent chances for revision and consolidation.

I highly recommend these books for young violinists and their teachers - colour and fun is what music is all about.
Justine Cormack - Violinist
NZ Trio - Ensemble in Residence at The University of Auckland
visit www.nztrio.com


About the Author - Bill Davie was a violin teacher and maker from Auckland, New Zealand. He was a graduate of Dunedin Teachers College and spent thirty years of his life as a professional violinist. Bill wrote the Theory for Young Violinists for his own pupils. The drawings in the theory books are his.

Bill passed away in January, 2009.
He had finished making his last violin that week.

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